Bible Courses

Our Bible courses will give you the opportunity to learn in community as we read entire books of the Bible line-by-line, and in the process you will discover how to comprehend the facts, accurately interpret the passage in context, and then apply it to your own life. So not only will you increase your biblical literacy, you will also develop the skills and tools needed to faithfully interact with and discern God’s Word on your own. Through our Bible Courses, we want to help make understanding Scripture and theology accessible for every believer in our church.

This Semester’s Bible Course



In this 10-week course, we will examine the book of Ephesians. John Stott called it a “marvelously concise, yet comprehensive, summary of the Christian good news and its implications”. This book shines forth the work and love of the trinitarian God, with doctrine that moves its readers to awe and worship. However, Paul doesn’t stop there; in the second section of the letter he lays out what it looks like practically for believers to walk in a manner worthy of their calling. This inductive study will guide us through the revealed mystery of God’s plan and the new life believers should live in light of that truth. Ephesians puts before us a stunning vision of what it means to be the body of Christ. There will be three main parts to this course: personal study, discussion, and lecture. In our books you will find two different levels. One dives deep into the text in a traditional inductive way; the second has fewer questions so is more doable for those who are in a busy season or someone new to this type of study. But, both structures allow us to go line-by-line to truly understand and apply the text to our walk with God.

Facilitator: Dudley Berthold

Childcare Available

starting the week of

January 28th


Dalton Stoltz, Mary Beth Antcliff, Daniel Ethridge, Zachary Ethridge, Corbett Casteen




Harbour View Campus



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Role Descriptions

Discussion Facilitator: This role is for those who see tremendous value in deep biblical discussions with other believers. Their main goal is to facilitate thoughtful, focused discussions that glorify God. Each week for about 30 minutes, they will lead the group through the week’s lessons by selecting specific questions to discuss.

Class Administrator: This role is for those who have both an ability to stay organized and a strong desire to pray for others. They will be the main point of contact for any prayer requests and questions about the class. They will be the one communicating and reminding course members of the details of the class while also praying over each of the class members.